Sunday, 10 March 2013

March meeting

When we did our programme planning for the year, we had put down Spring crafts for our March meeting, and to tell the truth I don't think that I thought much further than that.  Closer to the time I startted to think of what we could 'make'. Searching around the Internet, I was inspired by some Spring wreaths that I saw on pinterest and decided that those would be something that would be relatively easy to make with a large group.

I ordered the polystyrene wreaths, and asked the members to bring fabric to cover the wreath and paper to make the flowers.

I also made different shaped and sized flower templates to draw around to make the flowers.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy making the wreaths, and it was great to see new and older members sitting chatting together as they worked away on their wreaths.

It is so nice to have this couple of hours once a month that is separate from family and work. I think a lot of the ladies feel the same way about this 'me time'.

It was great to see how different the wreaths looked due to the different papers that people used.

They really do look quire effective once finished.

NB: We wrapped strips of fabric around the wreaths to cover them, cut out flowers from various papers, wrapping, tissue, pages from old books, magazines etc. We layered up the flowers an attached them to the wreath with pins. Finally we attached ribbon for hanging.

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  1. What a simple but effective craft that doesn't need great skills with sewing or knitting! I love the differences that come across through the use of paper and materials. Did you charge extra for the meeting to cover materials or was it included in the fee? I am a new WIer and seeking out inspiration for our group!